The complex and diversified structure of the modern society and the convenient material civilization resulted in the advent of new diseases. Vast amounts of research and preceding technologies are needed to become free from such diseases.
Based on its outstanding human resources and core technologies needed for R&D, ASTech is developing excellent pharmaceutical products and taking on various challenges in fields such as medicine ingredients and precision chemistry.
We ask you to keep an eye on us in our journey in becoming a global company that can pursue global health and a happy life, while also improving the quality of life.
Cosmetic ingredients project
Cosmetic ingredients project
We have developed and are selling BEMT-S (common name: Bemotrizinol), the ingredient for UV blocking that can block UVA/UVB.
We are also conducting research in various fields to develop new drugs.
New drug development project
New drug development project
Dry-eye syndrome treatment: All dry-eye syndrome medicine in the market are all eye-drop types that are uncomfortable to use. In order to address such weaknesses, the first-ever oral administration dry-eye syndrome medicine SA-001 was successfully created by transforming the eye-drop type to tablet types. It is currently in the second-phase clinical trials. There are no competing products in Korea or abroad, making it a one-of-a-kind drug.
The global dry-eye syndrome market is estimated to be around 2-3 billion won, but it is expected that once the oral administration medicine is launched, the market will be worth more than 5 trillion won.
We were the first in the world to develop the technologies for making orally consumed dry-eye syndrome medicine.
Raw material medicine project
Raw material medicine project
We supply the ingredients for Clopidogrel, which is a medicine for acute coronary syndrome and atherosclerotic symptoms, exclusively to Samjin Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.
We have established
and are operating a corporate attached research center.
The central research center is our driving force into becoming
a global company through R&D on innovative new drugs based on continuous investments and expert personnel.
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